KoolPHPSuiteKool PHP Suite – The Complete Collection Of PHP Framework Controls..

The complete group of PHP user interface controls that we offer, which contains all of our products in one package. It is also your option to buy each one separately as you need them.

We offer the complete suite to save you money and provide the user with every feature that each one of our products contains.

  • Each component in Kool PHP Suite gives developers the tools to build excellent high quality web applications.
  • In one economic package with amazing features such as, but not limited to:
  • Compatible with all browsers
  • XHTML – Complies to all standards
  • Many pre-packaged examples, that can be used as templates to give you a starting point to save point.
  • Works great with Joomla, CakePHP, Smarty and Zend – all of the top frameworks developers are using today.
  • Also completely compatible with JQuery, Mootools, Prototype and Extjs.
  • And many many more…
KoolPHPSuite PHP Tools

Get All Of These Great PHP Tools In One Complete Package!

If you are a developer who spends most of your time developing applications, you should be able to see why many application developers choose Kool PHP Suite as their tools of choice.

Build the cleanest web applications faster than you ever have before.

Each KoolPHP Component are completely documented in a easy navigable tree menu. We value our community of users along with clear communication with all of out users out there. We love to hear suggestions from our users and with any feedback we implement necessary changes into all of our latest products to fit their needs.

With Kool PHP Suite we give you the opportunity of obtaining three different licenses which include:

Developer License, Enterprise License and Bundling License. The license most suitable for your development needs will greatly depend on a few things such as your scope of use and mode of delivery.

Also if none of the License options fit your development needs, we are more than happy to build a custom License just for you and price it accordingly, please visit our contact page and send us a note letting us know how we can best answer you inquiry.


What KoolPHP License should you choose?

Kool PHP Suite - Developer License
Developer License – This license will allow one developer to create products for their clients. You can create an unlimited number of products for an unlimited number of clients. This license will not allow you, the developer to resell components to several other clients as a part of a product (see the bundling license below.). This is the best license for any freelance developer or consultant, who will create individual solutions for each one of their clients. If you are a design firm with a large number of clients and more than one developer than this would not be the best license for you.


Price: $149

For the source code: Additional $400

*The source code will allow you to view how each control works and allows you the freedom to customize completely.

Buy Developer License Buy Developer With Source Code



Kool PHP Suite - Enterprise License
Enterprise License – This license will allow the controls to be deployed on an unlimited number servers within one organization. Unlimited number of developers may use the controls to deploy on any number of production servers within on organization. This is best for a larger company with several servers for production and potentially many different applications.



Price: $289

For the source code: Additional $500

*The source code will allow you to view how each control works and allows you the freedom to customize completely.

Buy Enterprise License Buy Enterprise License With Source Code


Bundling License - This will allow the controls to be distributed or even resold as part of another product, as long as the controls are not a primary part of the product. It will allow use by unlimited developers within one single organization. The controls can then be deployed on unlimited servers and used for unlimited clients. The controls must not be a major part of the product, meaning that the license will not grant you the right to create any wrappers, PHPNuke modules, or any related products.


Price: $349

For the source code: Additional $600

*The source code will allow you to view how each control works and allows you the freedom to customize completely.

Buy Bundling License Buy Bundling License With Source Code


With each license you will get:

  • Support From Our knowledgeable Team Of Professionals
  • Any Upgrade That Is Release Within 2 Years of Purchase of License
  • Any New Controls Released Within 2 Years of Purchase of License

The best values:

  • It is not required that you have Zend Optimizer, IonCube, or other PHP loaders to run Kool PHP Suite.
  • Each Licesnse is a 1 TIME PAYMENT, no monthly charges, once you buy it you have it for LIFE.
  • After 2 years from purchasing your license, we offer a 50% discount in order to receive an additional 2 years of updates and full support.
  • By purchasing KoolPHPSuite, you will get licenses to any future products that we add to the suite for absolutely FREE.
  • We increase the price of KOOLPHPSUITE over a gradual time frame as new controls and products are added. Buy purchasing KOOLPHPSUITE today you will be locked into today’s price before it increases in the future!


Recent Customer Reviews:

“That’s brilliant. Excellent set of components and support.”

-Mark Hambley ENTAMEDIA


“I’ve installed KoolSlideMenu and are very happy with the way it works. Easy to implement and adjust to wishes. Thanks very much for a very good product.”

-Pieter Blaauw Werner & Pfleiderer Industrielle Backtechnik GmbH


“I have never seen a fast and professional support anywhere else. Excellent! You have my thump up, kudos!”

-Derrick Blanco

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